Monday, August 8, 2011

#32: Grasshopper Pie

Oh boy, talk about pressure. After having been invited to Bear Lake last week with the Bairds, I first realized that there went an entire week of baking for my blog (Pity, I know). Second, I realized I had been asked to create a dessert for the entire Baird Clan, which, if you don't know this family, there are roughly 20-57 of them. All jokes aside, I was TERRIFIED, but willing, and wanted a super easy recipe I knew I could whip up quickly. BOOM- enter in grasshopper pie. My friend Scottie at WSU had first introduced me to this recipe, and it was definitely one of my favorites because I LOVE mint ice cream. Seriously. So shout out to Mr. Bastin for introducing me to the idea, you were a LIFE SAVER!

#32: Grasshopper Pie (as found on


2 Oreo chocolate cookie pie crust
Chocolate syrup
1/2 gallon mint chocolate chip ice cream
1 (8 ounce) container Cool Whip
grasshoppercookies (optional) or girl scoutthin mint cookies (optional) or chocolate shavings, for topping if desired (optional)


1. Drizzle chocolate syrup on bottom of each crust

2. Put 1/2 of the ice cream in each crust.

3. Drizzle more chocolate syrup.

4. Spread cool whip on and then drizzle more syrup.

5. Crumble grasshopper cookies, or girl scout thin mint cookes on the top (just a few).

6. Freeze, then serve.

Well, reading this recipe again, I realized I actually messed up a little. I didn't have easy internet access up at the lake, so I wasn't able to follow the recipe, I kind of had to make it up. I FORGOT THE COOL WHIP. Anyways, it turned out good, super easy, and I WILL make it again. Check out these pictures that I didn't take... I will get back to taking my own pictures of my work, I promise!

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