Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The OTHER B-I-G Announcement...

I haven't blogged in a while. It's not that I don't have any news- In fact, I would say that everyday something changes, for the good or the bad. Instead, I just know that most of you would prefer to be in the dark concerning my pregnancy ups and downs. You've all read the blogs and books about what pregnancy is REALLY like, and I concur- there is NOTHING glamorous about growing another human being. At 24 weeks, I am praying that the next 111 days my pregnancy calculator is predicting I have ahead of me go VERY quickly, and that our little sport decides to re-position himself out of my lower back and kidneys (please and thank you, little one!) as soon as possible. 

Instead, I'm here to finally reveal where Stephen and I are setting up house and home for the next little while. Most of our friends and family already know, but Steve's company has stressed that we not let this become common knowledge until we're already there. Which, as you all know, is nearly impossible for me! I feel like I would be doing everyone an injustice if I don't blab about our new home. Plus, I've had so many of my internet friends ask... so I'll do this discreetly. 

As of next Monday, Stephen and I will be, once again, packing up and moving across country. And I mean, ACROSS THE COUNTRY. To a region I never thought I would find myself visiting, much less LIVING in. Due to the "secrecy" I have to exhibit, I'll just give you this hint... and fill you in when we're actually there and I am at a liberty to discuss our delicate living situation. Ha ha ha.