Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is our week of big changes. The time has finally come for Stephen to start his job, so it comes with a slightly heavy heart that we'll be moving out of our first place this week. I'll stress SLIGHTLY. It isn't that I've hated living here in Orem: like I said earlier, I have surprisingly learned to love living in Utah. We have quite a few family members nearby, the shopping is fantastic, the food is great, my job is the best I could've asked for! What I WON'T miss is our apartment living experience.

I loved living in an apartment in college. I had a close friend from the teaching department and one of the closest friends I could've asked for living with me at the time in a cozy, outdated apartment. We were "lucky" enough to have our own washer and dryer, two separate bathrooms, and the most... spirited young men living below us that we got close to. Every night we were up late, every morning up early, and at that time, it didn't matter! Now, IT DOES. I can't tell you what an AWFUL decision it was for Stephen and I to choose an apartment so close to UVU. We have at least three groups of college-aged kids living around us, which wouldn't bug me if they didn't spend most evenings screaming and running up and down the stairwells at all hours of the night. It's not even like they're breaking any sort of noise ordinance either, so I really don't feel like I have any grounds to go out and yell at them, but seriously. I'm awake by five, out the door by 6:30, and yeah, some nights I'm out by 9. If you think I want to hear you chase your girlfriend up and down the stairwell at 11, you've got another thing coming.

Ugh. My age is showing.

Not to mention the little dogs living on all sides of us. The pot smokers living below us... which didn't bother me in college, OBVIOUSLY, but now that I've figured out that they're smoking in their laundry room, I wish they'd knock it off. The vents are directly connected between our two apartments, so needless to say, their smoke makes their way into OUR laundry room. I don't appreciate teaching in marijuana-smelling clothing, na'mean?!

ANYWAYS, we're ready to move. I'm spending this week packing up our belongings while Stephen starts to square away his end of the term. We're moving in with my amazing sister-in-law Lisa and her equally awesome husband and two girls, and then Stephen will be leaving me a week later to move to Chicago to begin his training with his new company. We'll be separated until I am done teaching, so I get to spend a couple months alone. It'll be a little like dating again, which I'm not looking forward to, but it'll all be worth it once he officially starts his job. We still don't know where the company will be putting us permanently, but in the mean time, keep your fingers crossed it's some place warm! I'm over the cold and the snow!

Lots of changes coming, I'll be sure to try to keep you all in the loop (better than I have been). For now, best Easter wishes to all of you! Love, love, love!