Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 35: 135!!

Just a quick post to tell you... I DID IT! Goal #1 has been accomplished! This morning the scale read 135 and it felt FANTASTIC. I haven't been that small since my days before WSU, so at least over 6 or 7 years ago. My pants all hang off of me, I am swimming in my shirts... and I couldn't be any stinkin' happier about it.

So here's how it's going from here on out- although I have met the initial goal, I'm not going to start the next phase of the Dukan without Stephen meeting his weight goal (luckily he's close). The next phase would entail the two of us still eating lean protein and vegetables, but we can also incorporate all of the fruit we want, as well as two servings of whole grain bread a day and two carbs, plus one serving of low fat cheese. As AMAZING as a piece of nine grain toast sounds right now, I'm holding off. I am, however, starting to eat a little fruit again, just to allow my body to adjust a little. Today I had a half a ruby red grapefruit and a honeycrisp apple and let me tell you what, they were the best, most juicy pieces of fruit I have ever consumed. That good. I cried a little over the grapefruit at lunch (it's the little things!).

ANYWAYS, this means I am forging ahead with goal #2- drop to 130 pounds. Now, considering how much my weight loss has slowed over the last couple of weeks, I am giving myself plenty of time to do this. Also, I have revised my plans for treats. With the fear of plateauing, as well as beating myself up over not losing as much as quickly as I was, I will be rewarding myself at both 132.5 and 130 pounds. I deserve it. Much as I deserved those lime green and white bikinis I bought myself today!

Starting weight: 146.6 pounds
Current weight: 135 pounds
Total weight loss: 11.6 pounds
Weight until goal #2: 5 pounds


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