Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 8: Attaaaaaaack!!

All right, yesterday the cleanse officially ended, and I am pleased to announce I have lost *drumroll* ... only 2 pounds! Yes, that's right, although I definitely suppose I shouldn't complain about 2 pounds in a week. Now, let me come clean- I cheated, A LOT. At one point, I had actually lost a total of nearly four pounds, but I definitely sabotaged myself with New Years Eve dinner at Anthony's, New Years Day festivities, and my "final" meal at Texas Roadhouse with Nichelle and David. The cleanse itself wasn't bad at all- Downing 60 ounces of water wasn't difficult, if you are used to drinking a fairly good amount of water a day. I think the strangest part was the first time I could actually SMELL the cleanse coming out of my pores while I was working out. But I digress...

With the end of my cleanse came the beginning of my actual diet, and like I said, I had researched these diets for quite sometime. I finally decided that the best for me was the Dukan diet... have you heard about it? Evidently it's the healthy alternative to Atkins, and the diet that Kate Middleton used to prepare for her wedding. You had me at Kate Middleton. The diet is broken up into four parts, with the first phase known as the "Attack" phase. You begin this particular diet eating only lean protein, with the length of the phase depending on how much weight you wish to lose. As I had made a goal of losing ten pounds or so, the diet stated that I would have to be in the attack phase for a total of three days. Not so bad, right?

Well, to be honest, it's day two of three, and I want to die. Seriously. There aren't a lot of really excellent lean protein options available out there. My food choices have consisted of grilled chicken, Greek yogurt, fat free cottage cheese (plain, mind you... bleck)... and that's about it. I was lucky enough to still have some protein meal shakes and bars around my house, but they don't help much. For instance, here is today's meal plan:

Breakfast- Protein bar
Morning snack- Protein shake
Lunch- 6 ounce Greek yogurt
Afternoon snack- I TRIED to suck down some cottage cheese, but I ended up giving in to eating half another protein bar. I'm bad.
Dinner- Grilled chicken breast

Yup, that's it. Not fantastic. I will tell you I have already dropped an additional 2 pounds, for a total of 4 pounds in 9 days. So I am currently at 142.6 pounds. Tomorrow is my last day of the "Attack" phase, so I'll have to get back to you and let you know how many total pounds I lost after attacking my weight. Now, the worst thing out of all of this? I received a KitchenAid stand alone mixer as a late Christmas gift. Yup. That is pure, unadulterated torture. Do you all have any idea how badly I want to hook it up and bake a cake? Ugh. Hate life right now.


... more grilled chicken? *sigh*

I am eating the largest chocolate cake I can when this is all said and done.

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