Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflecting on a Year

What? My time is up?

... you mean to tell me that my challenge is OVER?! 

I don't know HOW it snuck up on me, but I realized that as of today, my baking blog is DONE! 

And I didn't meet my goal. Not even close. If I were to put on my teacher hat and actually SCORE myself on my goal, I would receive a solid 68%... we're talkin' a D+ at best people. 

I have a pile of excuses, but I'll spare you the details. What I can tell you is, I LEARNED TO BAKE. And I learned to bake well. Not every recipe was one for the ages, but I found some real winners. I have a new goal of creating a family cookbook out of some of the recipes featured in the blog... when I've got the time... someday...

Reflecting back on this year, I can tell you, my life has CHANGED. Some for the better, some for the worse... 

1) I've made friends in all different states
2) I've visited cities I'd never dreamed I'd see (shout out to Phoenix)
3) I've acquired a taste for sushi
4) I've dropped the pounds
5) The gym has become my anti-drug
6) I've lived in Utah... and LIKED IT
7) I've stopped drinking
8) I've been to IKEA
9) I've been attacked by a raccoon
10) I've shot a hole in one at mini golf
11) I've been tricked into going on a roller coaster
12) I've jumped in a two foot deep rain puddle (thank you Provo flash floods!)
13) I've had a surprise party
14) I became engaged to the love of my life
15) I've planned a wedding in Hawaii
16) I received a proper kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve
17) I learned how to walk in heels
18) I've watched the snow fall with the one I love
19) I've developed a nail polish addiction
20) I've suddenly become a "science/social studies specialist"

I've also realized: a whole new chapter of my life starts soon. Very soon. I am soon to be a wife, a companion to a man whom I love more than anything. I'm going to be the start of a whole new family... talk about pressure. And potential for being the BEST blog ever!

Will I continue to blog about my baking treats? OF COURSE! I'm no failure, I've got to hit 100 recipes EVENTUALLY. I will, however, be taking a new twist on things. 

Get ready: I'll be bringing you the triumphs and challenges from the NEW Bairds. Our lives are about to go through some BIG changes... so why not write about them?

... love you guys. Thanks for caring about my misadventures. 

- Kristen

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